Thursday, June 22, 2006

What I hate about the World Cup.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the World Cup so far. Heck, I spent 4.5 k in getting a new Set-Top box just for the World Cup! The quality of football has been absolutely fantastic and I just cant wait for the knock out stages.

But the world cup (like every other good thing) also brings along with it some really annoying points.

1. Everybody's obsession with Brazil. Every Tom, Dick and Harry starts to support Brazil. People learn one or two names like Ronaldo and Cafu and start throwing names in conversations. Bah.

The media's obsession with the Brazilian team? is worse. Every time a Brazilian crosses the ball, the commentator goes - "look at the way he crosses the ball".

The foreign media is worse. Every time Brazil plays badly, everybody feels its just an ominous sign that they are saving their best for the knockout stages. A half decent free kick, one step over and the commentator has an orgasm. Sheesh.

Why dont we give all this a rest? Who cares whether Ronaldo is fat or if Cafu is old. Lets just concentrate on their lovely fans instead !

2. The Indian media wakes up to the fact that there is a sport other than Cricket. We then have PYTs all over on television talking about the game. There will be this typical story about the guy in Kolkotta who loves football so much that he has a poster of Maradona up on his wall. There will be this usual analysis about why a country of 1 billion cannot be produce a team worthy enough of making the final.

Plus, the only place in the world where guys Novy Kapadia, Bhaichung Bhutia actually have people paying them to come up with shit! Well, this year NDTV has gone on better, they have signed up Chima Okerie!

4. Everybody wants to talk about football! Well, this is nice but as a football fanatic. I dont really like it when guys come up to me and bore me with their observations about the obvious.

5. A game has 3 red cards, over 25 shots on goal, 2 penalties saved, 2 guys get stretchered off but people find it boring because it ended nil-nil.


Blogger Anjana said...

Guilty as charged by last point :) Nice post!

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Catalan said...

oh dont get me started on these pseudos da. it bugs me......the oh so obvious is stated over and over again....and the commentary is absolute rubbish...that guy john helm puts me to sleep and he gets top billing. wat bollocks....machan spain france da.....if henry scores a hattrick it will hurt for more than one reason ;)

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Al said...

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11:20 AM  
Blogger CoNfUsEd said...

i'm guessing you must be a happy man now after the shattering match on saturday!

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Point well made!!
Though, all this frenzy does have some advantage too - awareness & education about the world famous sport(literally), even for all the wrong reasons. A well-deserved break, esp. in a nation where everyone eats, speaks, sleeps CRICKET!!
Besides, today where does sensationalism not exist! I am sure tomorrow the media would be talking about Maria Sharapova's or the Williams sisters designer outfits on the grass rather than their game in Wimbledon 2006.
Guess dat's the deal today :(
- K.

4:36 AM  

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