Saturday, June 03, 2006

Switch that thing off!

You know what pisses me off? Seeing people leaving their office computers on every evening when they head home. What the F*** is the point?! Trying to save 2 precious minutes the next morning? Everybody does it. Even my colleagues!

Every single person who comes back from the San Antonio office leaves his computer switched on and when questioned says " Oh! thats what they do in Texas!". Thats very cool man! And dont get me started on the whole deal of having 100 tubelights on when there are only 5 people in the office.

The world has enough F***ing problems without having to power another bloody inactive computer.

Turn that thing off!


Blogger Ms. V said...

"That's what they do in Texas" is the WORST possible explanation for anything! After all, that place is responsible for we-know-who. UGH.

P.S. - Just search for my blog url in the search section of Orkut. You'll find me :)

2:55 PM  
Anonymous wild-child said...

What's with all the anonymity??

10:01 AM  
Blogger Anjana said...

Prashanth, in IT companies we aren't even supposed to shut down as they install patches and things overnight on our systems. Waste of power but what to do! Maybe at least switch off the monitor

10:42 PM  
Anonymous h said...

Maybe we should include a variable component of pay which is linked to the electricity consumption that can be attributed to you... figure out how to normalize that for volume of work handled by that individual ... Attach a meter to determine the time the comp is on and the time u spennd at work ...... interesting... dunno whether it's feasible. Probabaly not

3:19 AM  
Blogger Handful Of Hell said...

I agree and the computer tends to perform poorly too when left powered on for a long time. Memory leaks and register overflows and what not...

I would turn the thing off every single day and believe you me, my colleagues thought I was a freak!!

PS: Isn't "osmaqwxt" too damn complex for word verification.

4:41 AM  
Blogger P said...

yep! very complicated. And something has to be done and fast.

11:30 PM  
Anonymous CATALAN said...

is this why u didnt blog for six months??? people, switch off your comps please....

but something i wont be turning off for the next month or so is my STB........cos the WC is on baby.

i have to incorparate footie into whatever i do.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's becuase the computers all back up to the server after hours, and they can't do that if they're off.

6:46 AM  

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