Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This blog is 1!

It looks way different from what I originally intended it to be. Nevertheless, it's been a fantastic one year.

My favourite posts (for the fun I had in just coming up with them): Part I and Part II

One thing is for sure, there are SO many interesting people in the blogosphere. Some of them are on my friend's list. Seriously.

Thanks for making the tag board the MOST interesting one in the blogging world. Apparently, management "gurus" are dropping by as well! Truly appreciate it!


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Images and Words

He sits in the dark. He has been there before. He knows the feeling and yet he can feel the excitement. His pulse quickens, eager in anticipation.

The music starts

He closes his eyes. A fleeting glimpse of a woman. An image in black and white. A perfect smile.

Wish you were here.

PS: It's not 55 words and doesn't fit the norm but I don't care!

Listen to the song here