Friday, September 23, 2005

This explains everything!

wmd, Iraq, BUSHISMS, fema, screw ups.... Somehow everything makes sense now!

PS: Is that a photo of Tony Blair in the back ground?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Interesting links aka writers block

1. Article in Newsweek on how Bush messed up the whole renovation effort.

How Bush blew it

Here is the most interesting bit:

Mike Brown, ex-head of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) who was fired by Mr. Bush after severe critcism of his handling of the relief efforts was a supervisor for horse-show judges for the International Arabian Horse Association before his appointment as the head of FEMA. Unbelievable!

2. The BBC website has this article about a revolutionary radio programme in Gujarath that exposes the corrupt. Now, why aren't such stories covered by the Indian Media? (the exception being NDTV)

Radio Raids

3. This is one of those cases of a great idea and terrible execution. BBC has launched an interactive online "election" where we get to choose the 11 people we want to rule the world. We have to elect this 11 from a short list of 100. The short list is dividied into 4 groups- Thinkers, leaders, Economists and Wild Cards.

The only condition is that our XI must include one leader, one thinker and one economist. The other eight are up to us. Great so far, but then the 100 also includes people from the arts and this includes people like Brad Pit, Kylie Minogue, David Beckham, Governor Arnie and Jennifer Lopez. HOW?!

Interestingly, as many as six Indians find themselves on the list( VS Naipaul, Amartya Sen, Ratan Tata, Anish Kapoor, Sachin Tendulkar and Shahrukh Khan ). Shahrukh? yep.

Interesting to see people like Saddam Hussein, Prabhakaran and Osama Bin Laden find places on the list. Again, why Prabhakaran?

Have fun and let me know about your list !

Online Election

PS: Just realized, there is no Manmohan Singh in the economists list. Crap. And Sharad will not be happy when he finds out Paul Wolfowitz made it. Crap again.

PPS: Google has finally released a long overdue Blog search. About time!

Monday, September 12, 2005


Analyst: So what are the challenges small manufacturer's are facing?
Sales Manager ( French dude): Well, the matiyaa is important when it comes to these devices. I think great improvement can be made in the matiyaa.

A:(thinking): Matiya? what the hell is that? (aloud) why do you say that?
S. M: I just think more investment should be put in R&D of new matiya.

Analyst: Matiyaa...could you spell that please. You are breaking up.
S.M: (sniggers) I thought you are working for an American company. anyway, its spelt m.a.t.e.r.i.a.l.

Analyst: Oh ! MATERIAL!
SM: yes, Matiya.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Some thoughts..

Looking at 18th century India, I think it's fairly obvious that it was a land waiting to be colonized. I am not going to delve into all the details, but I have to say that I am glad that we were colonized by the British and not the French or the Dutch. I don't want to kick up a storm like our Prime Minister did in Oxford but let me tell you this: if you can understand what I am trying to say, consider yourself lucky.

I spent a disastrous 45 minutes today talking to people based in Taiwan (and I actually spoke to people who were in charge of handling American clients). By the end of it, I was desperate to have a conversation in English, the way I know it. Finally, I ended up talking about the weather with a very cute Bangalooru chick at work (why the weather? Good question!)

Now, don't get me wrong, my definition of proficiency is not the ability to use words like Schadenfreude effortlessly in a sentence but knowing the language well enough to be able to sell an idea (if you have one). I have new found respect for people who go to a totally different country, without knowing the language, sweat it out and survive.

That said, the beauty of India is that you can move from one part of the country to another and yet have the same problem!
This generation is seeing first hand, how hard 'nation building' is. I don't know whether the Americans are giving it their all but its painfully clear that its going to take a long time for Iraq to settle down.But its important to realize that no nation is built in 5 years. Its going to take time and its going to be interesting to see what happens post 2008.

I don't understand the liberals really. The way the Iraqi politicians were attacked for delaying the constitution was surprising. This is not some half baked UN resolution, this is the bloody constitution. The most important document in any nation. It looks like everything is being rushed just to make the US look good and this does not bode well for Iraq or for the middle east.

Why am I bringing this up? Just to make the point that, making democracy work is not easy. Case in point- Pakistan, a nation that was created for uniting people on the basis of religion has been a democracy for less than half its life.

Yet, we are.

Surely, 58 years on, this remains India's greatest achievement. The fact that we are united inspite of all our differences. This is largely due to people like Nehru and Patel. Yet, we have morons out there who criticize them.

Their point of view is that 58 years on, 400 million people still live under the poverty line. Yes, Nehru could have done better. But its only partly his fault. It's easy to blame the dead. The fault also lies with people like you and me. Somehow, I get the feeling, we just don't do enough.