Sunday, July 24, 2005

Million Dollar Blog

Been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin lately. In love with the sound. A poll was conducted in the UK and people were asked to vote for their favourite singer, guitarists and drummer in order to come up with a 'super' band. The winners? Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham!

Some recommendations:

1. Heartbreaker- Led Zeppelin I
2. Babe I am gonna leave you- Led Zeppelin II
3. How many more times- Led Zeppelin I
4. Friends- Led Zeppelin III
5. Kashmir- Physical Graffiti
6. Led Zeppelin IV

Finally watched Million Dollar Baby. It was well made but I didn't enjoy the movie. It's one of those movies that Hollywood studios release every year around December with an eye on the academy awards. Two things are for sure- Clint Eastwood deserves a lot of credit for handling a very sensitive subject well and Hillary Swank is just unbelievably talented.

I don't think there is a single scene in the movie where one sees Swank, its all Maggie Fitzgerald- the boxer. The boxer who has just one goal- to become world champion. Its a real treat to see her act- be it the obvious delight on her face when she knocks boxers out or the pain during the climax.

I can see why this movie won the academy award- it presses the same buttons as the previous winners. However, I would like to see the academy give the best picture award to a intelligent movie. In other words I would like to see the mind beat the heart. I guess we have had enough number of movies about the human spirit win the Oscar. How about a movie like Memento or Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind winning the award for a change?

Why is Memento ranked so low on the IMDB list? 22 is a travesty!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Status Quo

This totally pissed me off. Killing 31 children for the sake of destroying a humvee?
Unbelievable. What exactly was the suicide bomber trying to achieve? What sort of statement was he trying to make?

For that matter, what were the London Bombers trying to prove? They thought they had it tough? Maybe their parents should have sent them on a field trip to Africa. They might have been worse off than their average British counterpart but still they were way better off than three quarters of the people living in the third world.

What really irritates me is we still don't have a single strong moderate voice in the Islamic world even 4 years after 9/11. When lawyers, high school teachers, fathers and journalists from Cairo to Jakarta try to explain the actions of these suicide bombers there is something wrong. Worse still, think of the influence these guys have over the rest.

Four years after the events of September 11 we are back to square one. Has there been any progress in this war? Nope.


Which country suffered the most last year because of terrorism?

Iraq? Wrong.

Pakistan? Wrong Again.

USA? Wrong (duh! Don't you think the western media would have reminded us atleast a million times)

The answer is India. Yet, not a single leader in the west recognizes this. Not even Mr. Blair Thanks to Musharaff, Pakistan is now a reliable ally in the war on terror. Meaning: He can do whatever he wants in Kashmir cause the rest of the world is looking the other way.