Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Anna University and a (very) faulty operating system kept me away from my blog for a long time. The exams are over but the computer is still down so here I am posting from a net cafe!

Just read a very interesting article by Nicholas D Kristof of The New York Times on the Catholic church's crusade against condoms. You can read it here (you need to register though)

(from the article) The Vatican has horribly undercut the war against AIDS in two ways. First, it has tried to prevent Catholic clinics, charities and churches from giving out condoms or encouraging their use. Second, it argues loudly that condoms don't protect against H.I.V., thus discouraging their use. ( for example In El Salvador, the church helped push through a law requiring condom packages to carry a warning label that they do not protect against AIDS)

Its interesting to see that an institution that works in the name of god just stands by as millions die around the world. It is as simple as that. Yes, the church has done more service than any other instituion since the creation of man but cant it see that a set of principles that leads to millions of deaths has to be flawed?