Saturday, April 23, 2005


Unlike this lady, any changes in my blog are totally unintentional. Sick and tired of the old one, I was browsing all the default templates that blogger had to offer and I clicked on a link that I swear said 'preview'. Two minutes later and a few refreshes later I had myself a new template. This will do for the time being. Did I mention that I am sick and tired of the old one?

All default templates are so lifeless and so uninspiring. I will change this sometime in May when I have the time to kill. Will have to get some basic html knowledge first. I will be eternally grateful if anybody can help me out in my endeavor! Any takers?

For a template that totally rocks go here!

PS: Just found out that Die Hard rocks in Tamil as well!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

flip side of 24 hour news channels

We have breaking news from New Delhi. To find out more, lets cross over to the Indira Gandhi domestic airport to our correspondent Ruchika Sharma.

(Studio)Presenter : Ruchika, what news do you have for us?

Ruchika: Yes, the cricket teams of both India and Pakistan have landed here for the sixth and final one-day international. Both teams were aboard the same Indian Airlines airplane from Kanpur where they played the fifth one-day international.

Presenter: You can see that the members of both the teams are taking the main exit from the airport and are being guided straight into the team buses by the security officials. So Ruchika, Any idea what the mood is like in both the camps?

Ruchika: hmmm.. There is a huge security cordon that has formed a wall between the players and the fans as you can clearly see. Hmm...The players are walking straight from the exit to the buses.

Both teams are confident of a victory tomorrow. India wants to win tomorrow and tie the series. Pakistani players on the other hand want to win the match and the series tomorrow.


Rahul Mehra at the Taj Hotel in New Delhi:

Rahul: This is a momentous occasion for the people of both the countries with the Pakistan President Mr. Pervez Musharaff attending the sixth and final one-day international at the Feroze Shah Kotla tomorrow. He is staying in this hotel with his wife and I have with me the chef who prepared the premier's breakfast.

Rahul: oooh. it looks like you have worked very hard to cook up a delicious meal for the president.

Chef: Yes, here we have Fresh baked bread (points to bread), Fresh baked Croissants, Fresh Sugar buns, Fresh Fruit and Fruit juice prepared from Fresh Fruit.

Rahul: So what did the premier have?

Chef: He had fresh fruit and some fruit juice. The rest came back untouched.

Rahul: So, you must have done some extensive research into the president's habits and his preferences.

Chef: Yes we did some research into his food habits. He likes everything fresh.

We have live pictures from the Hyderabad House in New Delhi where the President Dr. Manmohan Singh and President Musharaff are expected to make a brief appearence before going in for the much anticipated meeting. We are expecting them any moment now. Ah there we see the two of them. Both of them are smartly dressed in Sherwani suits. Dr. Singh is expected to extend the hand of friendship shortly. hmm..there seems to be a delay...Yes, there we are, the leaders of the two nations are now SHAKING hands. A very firm handshake indeed. And, Dr. Singh places his arm on the President's shoulder as he guides him inside.


(And the winner)

Journalist: So, now that you have won your maiden WTA tour title, do you believe you can match any top player on your day?

Sania Mirza: I surely can

Journalist: Tell me, how does it feel to be a celebrity?

Sania Mirza: Its okay. I will get used to it. My aim is to break into..

Journalist: Do you feel that the press is intruding your personal life too much?

Sania Mirza: Yes, I would like all questions to be about the sport. When some reporter asks me a question that is not about Tennis, I just tell him that the question is not about tennis and ask him to move on.

Journalist: Oh that's very good! Sania, I notice you are not wearing your glasses. Tell us, have you switched over to contact lenses?


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Great Expectations

(for all those who want to watch this movie, I suggest you close this window. No Spoilers.)

Probably the funniest moment in the three hour ordeal that was Mumbai xpress was when a drunken lout sitting in the row behind me got up and started to sing Margo Margo.

I didn't think anything could dampen my enthusiasm. A one hour search for the theater (which was in some obscure corner of the city), finding it infested with cockroaches and its walls ridden with paan stains. Even that drunkard couldn't burst the bubble, I was there just to experience the thrill of seeing a Tamil New Year release on well Tamil New Years day. Plus, I had always liked Kamal Hasan's movies. (This was being compared to Michael Madan Kama Rajan )

I was just hoping for paisa vasool and in fact at the interval I felt that the movie had everything going for it. A decent plot, a superstar and also brilliant comic delivery. The second half though was a different story. Disappointment is probably the best word to describe it.

It seemed to me that Kamal was trying his best to hit the 3-hour mark. I don't what irritated me the most- the clich├ęd situations, the meaningless babble or the incredulous manner in which the lead pair get together. Plus, the last scene was totally unnecessary. One has to feel sorry for Manisha, its disappointing to see a talented actress like her ending up with only roles like this.

It took a lot of self-control not to stand up, scream profanities and walk out of the theater. Yeah, self-control and the knowledge (as Sharad put it so eloquently) that his fans would have probably taken my kidney out to fund their next visit to the theater.

PS: The one thing that really surprised me was that Kamal didn't plant a big one on Manisha!

Monday, April 04, 2005

This and that.

In the case of a face off between Sonia Gandhi and Narendra Modi for the post of prime minister of this country, who would you vote for?

I was asked this rather interesting question by a friend of mine, someone who is an outspoken critic of the "pseudo-seculars" congress and who wants the BJP to come to power in the next election so that the temple at Ayodhya is built.

I hope it never comes down to this. Choosing between a man who was compared to Nero by the supreme court and a lady whose only strength seems to be a magical surname. Considering the average Indian's obsession with fair skin, I wonder if Sonia Gandhi would have been so popular if she had been from Tanzania instead. I might just go for her- lesser of the two evils!

It was interesting to read that the members of the congress party had offered the party leadership to Sonia just 48 hours after Rajiv Gandhi's death. I am beginning to wonder if the congress party is absolutely impotent without a Gandhi at the helm. Well, we wont find out for a long time anyway.

There is a very good chance that the choice might be between Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Modi seems like the strongest candidate among the next generation of BJP leaders. Rahul Gandhi has everything going for him and its safe to say only a premature death can prevent him getting that post.

What about you. Who will get your vote?
I was googling for Terms Of Endearment (the movie) and I came across this site.

It has been categorized neatly into whether the term can be used for men or women ( you don't really want to end up calling your girl friend a beard-splitter, for that matter how is THAT a term of endearment?)

My favourites are rumpy-diddle, schnooky lumps, shabookadook and shmoopsie-poo.The funny bit is that all of them are to be used on men!

What about local terms of endearment? I only know of Kannu Kutti! In the fine tradition of addressing loved ones after your favourite sweets,do you use Jalebi or Ladoo?!