Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Random Notes

The introduction of Conditional Access system in Chennai has led to the creation of two groups - the ‘Bums’ and the ‘Rest.’ The ‘Bums’ are the ones who possess a metallic box and get to enjoy quality television. They talk about it the next day with other members from their group. The ‘Rest’ can do nothing but listen as the ‘Bums’ use phrases like "Brilliant Goal "and "Awesome Movie". From time to time, a member of the 'rest' might get a word or two of sympathy from the ‘bums’but these are few and far between. Obviously, there are the nice 'bums' and the not so nice 'bums' but I will save all that for later. Communication between the two groups are often just restricted to sentences such as “Oh! You don’t possess a set-top box?” and “ You really ought to get one and fast".

Anyway, I digress. The reason why I am writing all this is that the introduction of the system has ensured that I end up channel surfing most of the time for want of quality entertainment. (especially after my cable operator removed a quality channel like Zoom TV!). Just recently, I came across some guy on BBC talking about the environmental policies in Great Britain. He seemed particularly happy that the future of a particular monument was safe because of new laws governing the industries around the monument. He went to great pains in describing the laws without mentioning the actual structure.

As he rambled on, I started to think of our own monuments and their beauty. Architecture in this land varies from state to state and yet, (apart from a few) we remain totally oblivious to it. Instead, we prefer talking about Paris and London.

Well, in the end it turned out that the guy was talking about this. I tell you, we have to hand it to the British. Love them or hate them it does take clever marketing to turn THAT into a must on any traveler’s list.

PS: Whatever you say mate, that’s just stone.


Blogger Sharad said...

I'm hoping to visit Stonehenge one of these days - it's not very pretty, but I've heard that it's quite an experience to be around the place .

I see you've just read Lolita. What did you think ? Fantastic book eh ? Must be the best written book ever. I'm dying to watch the movie...

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