Friday, November 05, 2004


I want to L.I.V.E

What might seem like just another attitude statement from an advertisement for teenagers has more relevance today than in any other time in History. The toll of 9/11 was finally put down as 2752. The number does not include the 10 Hijackers who crashed the two planes into the Twin Towers.

It is the deaths of those 10 people that disturbs me. . I cannot and will never understand what could have led those 10 to do what they did. They did not explicitly have any cause, they were educated young men who chose to kill themselves willingly.

What is happening in this world where man voluntarily destroys the one greatest gift that god has given to him?: HIS LIFE

Remember that it is one thing to place a bomb and then detonate it from a distance of 200 yards. It is an entirely different issue blowing yourself with it.

Ask yourself, is there anything on this planet for which you will willingly end your life? The answer will be a resounding NO

I can't think of any explanation for an Indonesian or a Turk to kill hundreds of his countrymen and in the process himself, and dying with the satisfaction of destroying a part of a British Bank or an American Fast Food Diner.

Madness prevails. Where was the common sense when educated young men carried out something unimaginable voluntarily as it happened on that fateful day on September 11th. Where was the common sense when Paradise turned hell in Bali? Where was the common sense when young innocent Africans were killed in the bombing of the US Embassy?

Was it for Palestine? It's a vicious cycle. Israeli tanks enter the Gaza strip. Trying to kill one person soldiers kill civilians. A suicide bomber takes revenge for the death of his loved ones. The Israeli army retaliates. It goes on.

Worse still; there is a waiting list for people volunteering to be suicide bombers. Hamas does not have to go in search of them. It could be your teacher. It could be the young to be bride next door. It could be a lawyer. It could be a mother.

Mr. Bush has led us (so very eloquently) to believe that there are two worlds; the good and the bad. In true Texan style he has launched a war on terror. But how does one define victory in this war?.How does one find out the war has ended? Can he declare victory in the war just cause there have been no further attacks on Amercian soil?. Doesn't a strike on a crowded business centre in Nairobi mean a failure in this policy as much as one in downtown LA?

Frankly, people expect too much from the President of the United States of America. Like any other politician he wants to get re-elected. To get re-elected he has to please his voters and when the majority of his backers tend to be sympathetic to the Jews he will be sympathetic to the Jews.

I just don't like the US that has arisen post 9/11. It suddenly seems to be a bully. Yes, Saddam has been defeated but where are the weapons of mass destruction? Where is the oil heading? Great stories are shown that there are fire brigades running. But where the hell are those telephone lines. Contracts are handed out to Halliburton (on whose payroll is the vice president) and yet people have to wait for 3 hours for petrol.

I keep asking myself. How could a nation with its roots as diverse as that of the US. Welcoming people with open arms from all corners of the earth irrespective of their age, sex, color and race inspire as much hatred as it does today?

There are still so many things to say. I keep asking myself. Have I looked at things too superficially? Did I say what has been pricking me all these days? Do I have more to say?

Yet I know one thing. Just like I did, you will close this blog and put these things at the back of your head. It will all come out when something tragic occurs. Then the questions will resurface again.

And as I think about it I just get the feeling that people (especially children) of different cultures and faiths should be made to interact more. Be it the people from Boston or Baghdad; Lahore or Lucknow.It won't be the solution to every problem( heck it might not solve anything) but then it would be a start and I think at some point of time we would find there are so many things to talk about even without us understanding each other perfectly.

Don't we react the same way when some one close dies? Don't we all feel the same pain when some innocent child is killed just because it happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Don't we feel the same anger when we feel that we have been wronged? Don't we feel the same pride when we accomplish something?

Don't we all feel the same sensation when a spoon of our favorite ice cream tickles our taste buds? Don't we feel the same way when we have to stand and give an impromptu speech in front of hundreds of people?

Don't our hearts beat faster in the same way when we hear those three little words for the first time from our special someone?

No matter the frustrations, no matter the bitterness, no matter the tears don't we just wan't to L.I.V.E?

Maybe then you and I will see that we aren't really that different after all


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sigh... i agree with you. its sheer madness to let such mindless hatred for people of different races and nations go on...

leaves me with a feeling of despair.

is there an end? a solution? terrorism is one thing i don't think can ever be quelled. osamas and saddams are just names.. but their crazy ideals and fanatic spirits will live on.


2:53 AM  
Blogger Sarath said...

should terrorism be called terrorism? Is it really merely a method of terrifying people,i think not.

5:29 AM  

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