Thursday, November 04, 2004

4 more years

Being someone who didn't admire the policies of George W Bush, I was naturally very happy when pollsters were predicting that it would all come down to the state of Ohio. Ohio, I felt (like Andhra Pradesh) would vote against the incumbent government due to a failing economy. The fact is the state had lost more than half a million jobs in the four years under Bush and also had the highest number of soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. I felt that its 20 electoral college votes would go to the challenger John Kerry giving him a great chance of getting the keys to the White House.

Well, that did not happen. Turns out the citizens of Ohio felt Moral Values and Religion were a more important issue to them than the economy and the on-going war. The fact is Bush and his team have manipulated the psyche of your average American Joe beautifully. Every campaign speech of 'Dubya' contained references to his love for his faith and god. He is openly against Abortion and Same Sex marriage pretty much ensuring that every conservative White American in the south and mid-west voted for him.

Its going to be 4 more years of Dubya. Hard to believe, but its true. He has led America to a phony war. Lied to the American Citizens, to the United Nations and to god knows who else. He is against the Kyoto Protocol and against Stem cell Research. ( someone needs to explain these things to him like he is a 5 year old). Whatever you say and how much ever you hate this guy, the fella has brains. Only its in Karl Rove'shead.


Blogger Sharad said...

Hey da, deep down inside I knew this buffoon would win , but I was hoping I'd be proved wrong. Anyway, four more years of Bushisms ! He's a world class bastard, this man.

11:10 AM  
Blogger P said...

Oh. It was always on the cards. Especially the way their system works. Depressing really.

12:36 PM  

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