Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My first blog

This has been a long time coming. For nearly a year I have been contemplating whether to blog. After being repeatedly pushed by different people I have finally decided to go ahead.

Now that I am here with my own personal web space, where I can write whatever I want, curse whomever I want, put up a link to any website, I feel empowered. However, This new feeling is accompanied by this unwanted voice that asks : " Well, you moron! What do you want to write about?"

The first thing that comes to my mind is Sex (obviously), but then I can't think of anything that you (my intelligent reader) will not be aware about. I COULD put up pictures of scantily clad women (effectively ensuring my bog is a runaway success) but I decide to use that as a last ditch effort to save my blog. I ask myself, does Sex Sell? And (that voice again) screams: DUH! YES!. Just ask the people at The Times of India.

As a pucca Madrasi I have been brought up on a very staple diet of Idlis, Curd Rice and Lemon Pickle, Patti's filter coffee and of course The Hindu. The Hindu (in case you didn't know) is run by the sort of people who try to keep sleaze to the barest minimum. I assumed that all newspapers were run in the same manner with more focus on news and with a healthy dose of entertainment and gossip.

I was forced to read the Times of India on a couple of trips to New Delhi recently (what was I doing there? Check Nandans blog!.) And let me tell you this: The Hindu ROCKS. Forget Page 3, the Times of India is 24 pages of pure BULLSHIT.

For example: I noticed a reasonably big article in the SECOND PAGE on a man fathering a baby while in prison. Is anyone interested? Whats the point? So the man got horny, leave him alone! There was also an article on a Thai woman biting her husbands p**** after a domestic Quarrel. How in gods name is that relevant? It psyched me out and conjured some terrible images in my head. (Pretty sure I got you thinking).

Pictures of hot women are everywhere, meaning less space for what can actually be defined as news. Why am I complaining? Because if I wanted smut I would go online or rent a movie. A newspaper should deliver what it has been created for. NEWS.

On the flip side, it seems to me that it's a fantastic strategy to save money. They don't really have to dole out extravagant amounts of money to get good journalists. All they have to do is go online, get some pictures and presto- they have filled up space!

A friend tells me that Times of India is going to hit Chennai within the next year and that it's going to be priced at Rs 1. 50. That's less than half the cost of The Hindu. He seems convinced that the frugal Brahmin will end up subscribing to The Times of India throwing brand loyalty along with The Hindu out of the window.

If the paper does actually come to madras the stage will then be set for a fantastic boxing match. Who will deliver the knockout blow? Watch this space!


Blogger Vinod said...

Go Peeps! I wouldn't have minded a bit of the page 3 stuff also tho. Anyways, welcome to the club!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Sarath said...

Sleaze IS about keeping to a bare minimum...or bare maximum??

6:08 AM  

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